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Those were the days, my friends…

The Great Quiz Show Scandals

Americans were shocked to discover, in the 1950’s, that their favorite TV quiz shows were fixed. Producers of highly popular shows like The 64,000 Question and Twenty-One had conspired with sponsors to rig the shows by … Continue reading

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It’s Howdy Doody Time!

One of my first TV memories is that of a wooden marionette named Howdy Doody. I think that was probably the reason that I begged my folks to buy one … Continue reading

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Say the Secret Word and Win $100!

Groucho Marx made a name for himself as the smart-ass brother in a series of wacky movies in the 30’s, in which he starred with his 3 brothers, Harpo, Chico, … Continue reading

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Beaver Fever

What was it that has made Leave It To Beaver one of the truly classic TV sitcoms? From 1957-63, Americans were glued to their sets every week to see what … Continue reading

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Bam! Zoom! To the Moon, Alice!

The Honeymooners was a true television phenomenon, one of the handful of 50s sitcoms that manages to maintain its humor 50 years later. The show ran on CBS from 1955-1956. (These … Continue reading

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The Real McCoys Hit the Road

One of the most popular shows on TV when I was a kid was the story of the McCoy family. When Uncle Ben died and left his desolate California farm … Continue reading

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